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October 26, 2020

Welcome to my website. All important materials will be maintained on this site (and will be linked on my School Website). Click on the proper tab above for information and material relating to your class. This page (and the others) will be updated at least weekly. The joke below will change weekly, and will be appropriate for the current material that is being covered in Chem Honors.


Joke of the Week:

A chemistry teacher was berating the students for not learning the Periodic Table of the Elements. He said, “Why when I was your age I knew both their names and weights.” One kid popped up, “Yeah, but teach, there were so few of them back then.”


Here is my college recommendation form (it’s a Word document). You can download it to fill it in if needed.


Here is a downloadable version of the periodic table that we will be using throughout the year. If you would like a color version for homework and in-class assignments, right-click to download this table and print it out in landscape mode at 44%. This will be available all year, as will the link below to

Periodic Table

For a good interactive periodic table go to:




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